Thursday, April 15, 2010


By Terry Stephan
I am ashamed of the amount of time I have not posted on this blog. I have a lot of reasons or excuses why I haven’t, but I should try harder. Betty and I have been on a ‘road trip’ selling her jewelry in Virginia, North Carolina and Maryland.
I didn’t want to advertise that my house was sitting empty most of the time except when my cousin Spike and his pit bulls were watching the place.
We are now a week from home and Spike has informed me he will be released from the county holding center today and will be in residence this afternoon and will pick up his pups Killer and Softy tomorrow.
Our show trip has had little in the line of spectacular results, our revenues in most cases were a little less than last year’s, except for Greensboro. We took in about a third of what we did last year there. The area has a 12.7% unemployment rate. The powers that be chose to close a major downtown highway, the weekend of our show.
That was last week, I write this from Timonium, at the Maryland State Fair Grounds. People have referred to this place as “The Cow Palace”. It wasn’t until we got here that we found out that really is the name of the place. For verification, I drove around the building and out back were several huge steaming piles of manure..
Betty received some good ‘hype’ from the promoters on their website for this show, so we are hoping for some decent sales.