Saturday, May 30, 2009

Kenan Arts and Camps grounds..

SO.. I write this while camped just off the Kenan Center's rear parking lot pretty much in the middle of Lockport NY. This 25 acre 'campus' is a shining example of someone's bequest hitting the mark it was intended to.
Old mister Kenan, who was born in 1896 left his mansion and these grounds to advance the arts and education of the people of Lockport and surrounding areas.
The complex houses an arena, the mansion- which serves as an art gallery, and a small theater of 153 seats. THere is a fledgling little theater.
Betty and I are here for "One Hundred American Craftsman", where Betty and 112 other craftspeople exhibit and sell their wares. There is no 'buy and sell' and no junk, these are serious crafts as art people. And,
It is a relatively quite place to camp. We've done far worse.

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