Wednesday, June 24, 2009


I write a column for a couple of Western NY weekly papers. I am proud of that, it allows me to call myself a professional writer. I don't get paid a lot for those columns but from what I've heard the going rate is for other stuff , my pay isn't bad.
I try to write humorous columns, preferably having nothing to do with real news. I think people can use a respite from the nasty news. What happens tho when I am in a funk and a deadline approaches. I always end up with a column but often it is written through a bad attitude haze lurking behind the words.
This week is one of those times. I feel as though I've accomplished nothing note worthy in my life and all my personal relationships have gone to shit. I needed to write this somewhere so here it is..... I'll try for a 'sweetness and light post later in the week.

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