Wednesday, January 27, 2010

not enough

Here I am again feeling bad cause I haven't posted in a while. Life goes on and I forget to record it. What has happened- my cousin was on Jeopardy and he won $150,000
A very nice lady, Earline Sharf, long time friend of my wife's family-5 or 6 decades and a woman who wasn't afraid to complement others on their accomplishments passed away. As I write this my spouse is playing piano and organ with a granddaughter who has the voice of a sweet angel. She is to sing and Earline- a great planner, asked Betty to play for her funeral.
Betty who is just pushing 60 made Earline, in her 80's and a musician in her own right, promise to play at Betty's funeral if she were to go first.. Earline hedged her bet with 20 some extra years and Betty is playing Saturday..

More later..

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