Friday, January 9, 2009

Fat be Gone

OK, so I broke down and made a resolution again to loose weight this year. I've been involved with most diets over the years, either by joining the groups or reading the books and following the instructions. I've even gone to numerous Over eaters Anonymous meetings, and studied it's little known alternative Rational Recovery. I've picked up bits and pieces of the puzzle at all these places but have never maintained the weight I wanted.
I watch television which is geared to weight loss and better health, hoping to gain a tidbit here and there to help me loose. This includes "The Bigest Loser" and the stray Ophra show concerning the subject, when I know one is going to be on.
I am not severely overweight but enough now, so that in my 5th decade it is my most serious health problem.
I admire vegitarians these days. I used to think that every meal I took should include a portion of at least one animal that was running around on four legs the previose day. These days I can see that you could recieve all your neccessary nutrients, including protien from vegitation of one sort or the other.
This time around I am following the Weight Watcher's program (I have all the tools from previous bouts there), I am just not going to meetings at the present time. It doesn't rule them out in the future.
I have made an agreement to see my doctor every 60 days in 2009 and we have a goal for me to reach every two months. This time around I am shooting for 1o lbs my by March 2nd..
TO be continued.

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