Thursday, January 22, 2009

spiral fracture

I've been reminded that I don't post often enough on these pages, and it is true. Things draw me away.
For the past few days Betty and I have been very preoccupied with trips to the hospital.
Betty's mother fell in her kitchen Monday night and broke her femur. She is 90 years old.
About 7 years ago she broke her left femur, spiral fracture, then she had her right knee replaced and has been getting around quite well and then this. It is another spiral fracture, worse and larger than the first. We spent inauguration day in Brooks memorial hospital waiting for her to come out of surgery.
Bits of the historic speeches were interspersed with updates on my mother-in-laws surgery. The doctor drove a huge titanium spike up the center of her right femur, through a hole in the artificial knee part that is connected to the bottom of that bone.
Marion is doing well today and will be moved to Lake shore Community Hospital tomorrow for rehab.

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