Thursday, February 12, 2009


I always feel like I need a specific reason for making a post on this blog and that I somehow need to explain the reason. I am going to try to just post and not make excuses or give reasons for those posts. Don't know if that makes sense or not BUT I'M NOT GOING TO EXPLAIN IT!

The beader I live with and I are getting ready for shows. We leave for South Carolina March second and we have four shows alltogether there and in S. C. and Virginia.
It doesn't help that Betty is visiting her mother in rehab every day. Ma broke her femur. Betty then comes home and frantically beads more creations because she thinks we will not have enough stock for the season. She beads so much she has gotten a nasty crick in her neck and has had to frequent the chiropractor as well.

I am making better (more sturdy) displays, spreader and light bars and feet that will help the displays stand alone as we are not using our booth at any of the indoor shows down south.

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