Friday, February 20, 2009

mad rush

In the mad rush to get things done, to take care of the everyday minutia, I forget to post here.
Betty has been traveling every day for the past month an hour each way to visit her mother and make sure that it is known to her mother and the staff that the 90 year old woman she visits has people who care profoundly for her.
We have been preparing for a class we paid for last year in glass blowing, etching and various other processes. That is a "live-in" from Feb 22 to Feb 27.
We are home two days after that and then gone for 6 weeks to do shows in NC, SC, and Virginia. The logistics, campground reservations etc are time consuming and often just tedious. I retain little of the info and have to keep or I don't remember without a lot of prompting.
I will include our schedule in this post but intend to make a sidebar of our show schedule in the next week.

Our trip schedual is as follows:

For those interested in possibly intercepting or just the nosey, the Beaddy and Terry rolling bead tour for spring 2008 is as follows:
This schedule is tentative and could change at any time: We will leave blizzardy western NY the afternoon of March 2nd, with a possible stop at Chuck and Mary Fay Templeton's house, not too far from Pittsburg PA that evening. If we have any gumption we will be unable to stop there as we will have hours of travel left in us. We're not that big on gumption, so you might be stuck with us, we need to see your dog.. (Lilly?)
March 4th, in the evening we hope to roll into the Columbia State Fairgrounds to set our display up the folowing day.
March 6,7, and 8 are the show dates and if we are lucky we will be horribly busy from early morning till late evening.
March 9 we will be stopping over at a friends house (Kathy Ross, former West Valley resident) in Charlotte NC. Will probably spend the night in her driveway.
March 12th we have check in and set up at the Richmond Raceway Complex. The show is in the Exhibition and Commonwealth buildings.
March 13,14, and 15th show days- teardown evening of the 15th March 16th-21 is possibly our only actual vacation this year, probably explore Shenandoa National Forest..
March 22- A Sunday, we are shooting to be at Susan's house in Falls Church.
March 23-30 we will be camped at lake Fairfax campground for the Chantilly show which, starting with setup takes place..
March 26-29
April 2-5 is our Greensboro, NC show at the Greensboro coloseum, and as of this writing I don't know where we will be staying ... and after that we will be traveling home..

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Pat said...

Sounds like fun! Russ and I ponder RV living every so often. Safe travel. :)