Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Baby Steps

It started like any other day, just a few chores. We stayed overnight on the Collosium complex grounds in Greensboro- a definite no-no. No one questioned us about it and we paid for tommorow to Saturday night for electric only and water at a hydrant that they have put a pressure valve on. At forty dollars a night we don't want to stay there any more than we have to.
Betty wanted to get more material for her display and there was no Goodwill stores in Greensboro. We went to what was supposed to be a thrift shop and it is now a bridal shop, Out side by the back door were some used building materials one piece of which was a 36 inch full louvered door. Our display is mostly louvered shutters.
Betty started to drool over the door and of course wanted it for our display. I asked and the door was ours. We put it in the camper and that left little room for us.
I needed a haircut desperately so we stopped for that (I listened to four woman chatting away in barely perceptible English for half an hour-) and then we did enough laundry to get us through the weekend and headed home. Each time we stopped we had to take the door out and lean it against the out side of the camper.
I started to take off the hardware and when I screwed one of the door knob backing plates off just a little, tiny ants started to swarm out of the door. I put the screw back in.
We stopped at a hardware store and got some "piss-ant" spray then went back to the Coliseum to take off the hard ware and put the door in the utility trailer. I had to constantly spray the little ants dead. I was able to slip the door sans hardware across the ceiling of the trailer on top of everything else. If we had to move the trailer it would destroy a bunch of other stuff. It will have to be pack differently to go home with us.

Betty started an Etsy site four months ago and never sold a thing till a week or so ago. All things she had listed on Etsy (Ebay for crafters) can be put in a suitcase. She has sold three items. We just dig them out and find the nearest Post Office and send the stuff from the road. I think if we wanted we could live on the road..

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how did the haircut go?