Thursday, April 2, 2009

Why make this stuff??

Set up day.. We don't do inside shows as a general rule, so the thought is it must be a lot easier when you don't set up a tent. It didn't seem much easier when we did the first couple as 8x10 and now that we have gone to 8x15 it seems down right complex.
The producers of the show offered Betty a corner booth and a half for nothing. All we had to do was move down 10 feet (to the corner). I was making a trip to the camper for some poles. Had I been there I would have jumped on the chance.
Betty had spent the better part of three hours figuring out how to lay out our space and we had just gotten all the major components (shutters) fastened to one another and she didn't want to figure out a corner, or tear apart what we had done. I don't blame her.
There is always things you think you should do a bit differently- move this shelf here, that display there. What is going to help sell best?? We will know Sunday afternoon..

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Anonymous said...

you are going to make a great event planner some day, if not sooner!