Monday, October 5, 2009

A lackey's work is done- for now

Camden Hills State Park Has a great Campground from which I write this. CHSP also has a shore line trail and Batty Mountain. The drive or climb up Batty rewards the traveler a beautiful view of the harbor with its tall ships and the craggy shoreline.
Betty and I are not taking in the splendorous view but instead licking our wounds after a weekend where we did poorly in sales but on the up side stayed cold and damp too.
Our booth and Betty's heater seemed to be the talk of the other vendors at the show. We had them last year and no one seemed to notice. I think the difference this year is that their were far fewer visitors to the show so people had time to observe and talk about each other. Our Booth is a sturdy one, from Custom Canvas in Buffalo. I don't think any other vendor would argue it was the sturdiest one at this show however, it was also the most labor intensive to put up.
On Sunday morning, several hours after opening up Betty sold a seven dollar set of earrings. The total went up to $18 dollars and stayed that way till just after 2pm. I wasn't happy but Betty takes it harder. Several sales after two-o-clock in the hundred dollar range pulled us out of the completely-in-the-crapper range.
Love Camden, don't think we will do the fall show again.

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