Sunday, October 4, 2009

lacking sales in Camden

Betty and I are in the middle of a Camden "Harbor Arts Festival" weekend. We have had constant rain up till now, today is showing signs of being much better, it is just a heavy mist with thick fog.
The first day of our show went well for the amount of people who faired the rain and visited our soggy booth . Betty seems to be the talk of the show, this time because we have a back room with heat in it. I spilled Rosemary oil on my shirt and because I don't have that many shirts along on this trip I continue to wear it hoping the smell will wear off. Fellow artisans probably get a kick out of my Rosemary scent.
There is supposed to be a cruise ship docked in Rockland and we are to have as many as 2500 extra people here, ferried up to Camden via shuttle buses, at least that was the idea. So far, not so much. With the bit of xenophobia from the locals, lack of sales and a dreary weekend I am kind of bummed so far.
I keep coming back to this blog when I make my trip from the booth for one thing or the other. Our tent is so dark we have to light it, especially on such a dark day. I came up to get a fresh battery this time.
My low down bummedness will probably change if we start to sell something. So far today $7.00.

More later.

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