Sunday, November 1, 2009

Lackey Business

I've been getting right into my chores as a lackey. On the small chance that we will be called it to replace someone who drops out of the Premier show coming up this next weekend I have been painting and cleaning our displays and booth. I repaint and repair displays every fall but usually I have an abundance of time to do it it. With a deadline so close I have to hurry, but it is good unlike the rest of the time I will be ahead of the game.
He have applied for some Sugarloaf shows. We have mixed feelings about getting into different shows, if you get in, does it mean it isn't a very good show? If you don't get in does it mean it is a really good show and you won't get a chance to vend there and you should strive harder to get in the next time?
I know, making the right choice shouldn't be so painful

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