Saturday, November 21, 2009

Lackey's got a lump...

At our latest show in the Rochester Museum of Science, the young lady who was in the area next to ours cancelled, the day of the event. Christine DeTurk, one of the organizers of the show asked if we could "spread out" a bit and take over the young ladies spot. Boy could we.
The show takes place amoung the museum displays. Many of the vendors' spaces require inventive set up. Most of our display panels are actually louvered doors hinged together, this makes each two door set, freestanding when the panels are set at an angle. Some are quite heavy. Spreading out became fun, before we left home, we were unsure of the shape and size of the space we would have this year, I had loaded all the louvered panels we own into our little trailer.
After a few initial trips, Betty started to arange shutters around the floor, imagining the best way to take advatage of the extra space.
After half a dozen trips from the trailer to the second floor I sat down in a folding chair to take a short break. About the same time my stalwart partner stood a two piece set of doors five feet or so behind and off to my right side. I inocently began taking a sip from my coffee cup when the set of doors fell on my head. I saw stars momentarily and as is my custom, when I've been served a painful blow, especially by surprise, I spoke a few choice profanities.
Betty's custom, particularrly while we are in public, is to admonish me for any profanity, which she did immediatly, shortly after the stars left my vision and before the nasty lump started to swell on my head.
I thought only bad thoughts for some time. More later>>>

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Pat said...

I can relate, we use some louvres, too. It helps if they hit you flat instead of at an angle. :)