Sunday, December 14, 2008

Cat Killing Grill

I tried to kill some of my cats today with our gas grill on the back porch.
I like cats, I like most animals so I don't mean to go on about my cats so often but here I go again.

My lovely spouse cooks a lot using the outside grill ,all year. She wanted her propane tank hooked up as I was remiss in doing so when I brought it back from having it filled.
The kittens enjoy hiding under the base of the cooking appliance, when I started to move it, I heard a little kitten screech come from under the base. I tipped the grill further and saw the kitten there. I grabbed the kitten, which scared the hell out of it and it really started to make noise. Then it bit me. I lost concentration on the grill and it fell over on top of momma cat Delphy. She screached and took off.
No cats are happy with me for most of the day.
Funny thing all was forgiven when I gave them some chichen scraps from dinner tonight...

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