Saturday, December 13, 2008

Of Cats and Men

The top photo is of Delphy and her 'cathouse' it is heated with a 25 watt appliance bulb in a large 'funnel' shaped shop fixture. I change and fluff the linens once a week. (OK clean rags)

These are Delphiniums' kittens. As you can see they are of mixed origin. Delphy's such a slut.

There is more to her story. I didn't want to gross out my 7 readers in the weeklies but the red squirrel she left at our back door was the last thing she ate part of. She brought it to the porch and ate just the head.

I would think there were easier parts to eat so maybe it was some kind of reverse Godfather-horses-head-in-the-bed threat. I hope the threat was directed at chipmunks and red squirrels. I would hate it if Delphy were to attack me in my sleep.

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