Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Still want change

I'm still in that place, looking for change in the New Year.

The post below is from my "Changing Lanes" column a few months back, I published it here in response to a post from a talented author, blogger, paper artist Pat, in her blog "a view from the attic".

Because the column starts out with a grammatical error, it produced a response from a number of 'grammar snobs' . I quoted a book written by grammar columnist June Casagrande, "Grammar Snobs are Great Big Meanies". She actually came across the quot and sent me her next book "Mortal Syntax". We have exchanged a number of emails since. She is a grammar expert without the stick up her behind. If something is not right grammatically, but works anyway she will say so..
My word program, from which I write, indicated that the grammar was wrong, I left it as it was because I liked they way it sounded.
I wrote a column in response to all the mail I received, I will publish that on this blog soon. The mail was on both sides of the issue, those who believed things must be written just "so" and those who thought, if the meaning is clear why worry about it...

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