Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Lackey go slowly

Labor day weekend we held our annual customer-friends-and-family-appreciation- jewelry show. OK so we have to get a catchier name for it. We are thinking of making it fixed on Labor Day weekend in the future the three day show seemed to be a nicer, less hectic pace.
We thank everybody who showed up.
We had a lot of fun, served wine and beer and snack type food and had lots of giveaways and discounts. We even had a raffle.. Sharon Mathe, I pulled your name out of the tickets Betty had placed in a bowl and held way over my head. You won the pin if you are reading this- it will be in your mailbox in a few days.
Lots of people just visited and that was great.
It is nice packing up from the home show. When you aren't in a hurry to get off the street or out of whatever foreign spot you occupy you can take your time and fix and or repair and or change things as you load out in a leisurely fashion..

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