Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A lackey has feeling too...

This past weekend was the Elmwood Ave art festival. Betty was juried out of the show this year, it is the first show we've been juried out of after being accepted in previous years.
Even though Betty and I went on a bead cruise out of Fairport, I still had Elmwood in the back of my mind. We both said it was good to miss another rainy weekend show but both of us were longing to be there in the good fight. Last year at Elmwood it rained very hard for a short time and we got a lot of other peoples stock and equipment from upstream as those downstream got ours'.
We could have tried for another show but because we've increased our fall show schedule decided to hang onto our stock, (and go on what turned out to be a less than ideal bead cruise). Like we should really worry about selling too much...
Labor day weekend is our "home show" noon to seven, three days. Wine and snacks and beads..

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