Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Betty and I slept in the Wal Mart stupid center in Culpeper Va. We met another vender from our show in Richmond, he was from Onieda NY and we hit it off pretty well. He offered to let me drop our trailer at his place while we wandered into the Shenandoah National forest for a few days. It saved us hours of driving and $44 dollars of storage at Bull Run Campground.
In the end our Richmond show was mildly profitable. We learned that there were some booth-and-a-half spaces available for the Chantilly show, we splurged $200 more!!! and will get one. We never have spent so much on booth fees at a show, but we noticed that more and more people seem to galk, not buy, and others can't get into the booth. We hope the gamble pays off. Betty is busily trying to figure out how to stretch our disply to fit. She bought extra fabric and I bought four more lights- we'll see.

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