Friday, March 27, 2009

Of Geese and Men

I am writting this from a geese-filled parking lot in Chantilly VA. Maybe they saw the rain slicked lot in the dark and thought it a nice pond to land on.
Yesterday was the mad rush, well OK not so mad of a rush. These GIlmore shows have turned out to be pretty relaxed as far as settin up. Even though we set up a booth and a half this time for the first time it worked out pretty well. We are mostly set up for our Chantilly show.
We bought 2 extra shutter panels at Home Depot and stopped at Goodwills all over VA looking for lace curtains, of which Betty got a lot..
I bought 4 more lites, bringing our total to 9. There must be some sort of wierd mathmatical formula, when you increase your booth space by half you need more than twice as many lites. We went to Wally world again last nite and bought two more of the clip-on lites we are using for display and another 4'x5' carpet for the booth.
The math is off, even with carpet, you should only have to buy half as much square feet of carpet when you increase booth space by half but twice the square feet of carpets are just going to cover..

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