Friday, March 20, 2009

posting with no internet again

I write this from the George Washington National Forest. Betty and I have some time between shows so we decided to go camping a bit. We camped in a rural County Fairgrounds last night, near Stanardsville, VA. The night before that, we camped in the Shenandoah National Forest near the Ramadan River. It was near or on a wildlife management area and the road was terrible to get into the area, but beautiful and quite.
Before we left the Richmond show we heard that the Gilmores had booth and a half spaces at the Chantilly show. We chewed on a decision to get one for a day and a half and finally decided to. That brings it to close to $800 dollars for a booth. We have never paid that for a space. We did notice in Richmond tho, that we had an amazing amount of bottlenecking going on. We would get three or four woman in the booth and others wanted in but had to pass because the booth was tied up. I hope the gamble pays off.
We stopped at a couple of Goodwill stores and Betty found tablecloths to match our other ones, then we went to Wally World and bought 4 more lites and some lace to cover up our lite bars.
At our camping spot last night we had enough of a signal to use the internet card. We figured since we had the equipment to lite up and fill a booth and a half we might as well see if the had more available in Greensboro. We emailed the Gilmore people they had one so we upped the anti there as well. It was only $45 dollars more there. We can only hope it all works out.

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