Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Will the South prevail????

I write this sitting in a Wally World Stupid Center near Richmond Va. We got into town late and there was no sense in driving to the craft show camping area site so we could pay $27 to stay there what would be an extra night.
We stayed in a friend’s driveway last night in Charlotte NC. She fed us dinner and was very hospitable. I watched with amazement as my spouse ate a huge, thick barbequed hamburger- her first in 15 or twenty years. That is how long it has been since she has had red meat. She didn’t want our friend Cathy to feel bad about fixing something that Betty has sworn off for so long.
She thought she might be sick today but there seemed to be no lasting ill effects..
We are hoping for a better showing in Richmond. In Columbia, the weather was so beautiful we think a lot of people stayed home to work outside- the first time they were able to since fall. The weather in Richmond this weekend is supposed to be rainy and cold.. Hurrah for bad weather… I think..

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