Sunday, March 8, 2009

Columbia Revisited

Yesterday was a poor showing in Columbia. The crowds I’m told are sparse today and sales showed it to be so. All venders, even veterans at this show say they aren’t making money. One woman who sells baked goods told me she thinks that craft shows are dyeing out because it is a generational activity, she proposes that as we boomers die off so will the craft shows. This evaluation seems kind of bleak to me. It made me pay attention to the age of patrons. It is more of a mix than would prove her point.

It is unlike me to be optimistic but, the people in this area have had cold and wet weather for some time. This is the first nice weekend since fall. Besides not having money I think they are spending time in their gardens and yard..
We ended the day covering our expenses. We have never finished a show, other than the first one we ever did with a loss, but there are exhibitors that do. We have seen it happen to very talented painters more than once.

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