Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Changing Gears Corning to Columbia

After our week in Corning, dipping in molton glass and melting chunks in a kiln and making colorful beads, then driving home, we brought everthing into the house. Bags and bags of hand made glass items, suitcases, dirty clothes and dumped it all.. Then I and Betty ran all the clothes thru washer and dryer. She folded, she always folds, I have a disease in which I pass out if I try to fold clothes. Kind of like a narcoleptic response to folding and stacking cloth material of any kind. I touch on it a little if I help her make our bed..
We furiously unpacked and packed our camper, hooked up and finished loading the trailer for our "southern" trip to SC, NC and Virginia. As we are doing it, as Betty is thinking she doesn't have enough stock (seems funny to call her artistic jewelry work 'stock') and spends every minute beading, I for one wonder how we thought it was a good idea to go from one event to the other..
We drove out our driveway Monday at 2pm from home to our friends home in Mercer Pa. We had never been there but found they have a great patch of beautiful ground far enough from town to make it just they right amount of rural.. We were going to sleep in their nice little guest room but when I went to get some things from the camper I found the furnace had not been working. I fixed the problem thermostat but the water pump was frozen. I was worried the furnace wouldn't run all night so we slept in the camper. THe pump thawed out overnight (more importantly wasn't damaged) and our kitchen water worked by lunchtime.
We are are now sitting in a Wal Mart Stupid Center (there is nothing stupid about it, I'm just jealous I don't own a few WW stocks) in Princton, West Virginia.
We found out we were refused our SC tax number (a friend is pillfering our mail) so we have to stop and get that straightened out tommorow, hopefully in Rockhill SC on our way to Columbia..
They did not like the way I filled out the tax form and said a dasn't do business without registering or I'd never see the light of day from my SOuth Carolina jail cell..

More later

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