Friday, March 6, 2009


We are at the Columbia State fair grounds on what Betty and I hope is not a fools’ mission. We are here for this weekends’ Craftsmen’s classic shows. One of four we are participating in “down south.” We have way too much money laid out on booth fees and of course all the expenses a 5 or 6 week trip can add up.
As we drove down, and before, I was thinking how great it would be to get down to the southern climate. The morning we left it was 4 degrees. The next morning near Pittsburg in was 3 degrees. On the interstate headed south in North Carolina we saw the aftermath of the snow storm from a few days earlier. There were tracks off the road and stranded motorists had made snow men on the shoulders and in the median.
Yesterday afternoon when we arrived at the Columbia fairgrounds, it was 57 glorious degrees outside. I felt we had arrived it wasn’t snowing and 57 war summerlike to me.
We pulled in behind a monster “pusher” one of those huge RV’s that have far more room and luxury than most of my homes have had.
The term “pusher”, is an old trucker’s term now widely used, referring to a rear engine bus ‘pushed’ down the road.
A woman was walking around the vehicle at the same time I was walking past and she shivered and said ‘burr, it’s cold’. I was reveling in the temp thinking how summer like it had become.. The vehicle had Tennessee license plates but they had just been in Florida for some time. It’s all in how you look at things I guess.

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