Thursday, March 12, 2009

Richmond Raceway

Emmy and I are having a hard time communicating on this ‘show trip’. We did not realize how much we use email at home. It is not unlike writing things down. At home, she forwards things to me that concern her business.
On the road, we both use my ‘notebook’ computer; Betty doesn’t email me because we are using the same computer, that would be just silly. She also doesn’t tell me about forwards from the show promoters so I often find my self out of the loop.
Coming from the cold climes of Western NY, we have been reveling in 80 degree plus sunny weather for the past 5 days in South and North Carolina and Virginia. We are told, and it makes sense that one reason we had mediocre sales at our show in Columbia was because the weather was too good. Too many people stayed home to enjoy it.
If that is the case, then this weekend we should sell out, as the weather is supposed to be terrible. Rain and possibly snow are predicted. So far, set up for these series of shows has been great. We have been told we have from 3PM to 8PM the day prior to the show for set up and both times they have let us start before noon. It is nice when you don’t feel rushed setting up.

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